100 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Christopher Snowhill 0933c1e9f1 Fix identifying chip channels for multiple chips of the same type 1 year ago
  Christopher Snowhill dea02235a5 Fix resampler for Pokey. 3 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 47dc4ac370 Convenience Trumps Caution 3 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 8d0f08566f Fixed crash in YM2151 due to new changes. 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 3a21d30818 The heck? 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill dfaa123225 Fixed the previously multi-thread unsafe state of the YM2151 emulator. 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 2f08b539ac Fix dynarec option control when dynarec is disabled at compile time. 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 136bea35d8 Missed part of the dynamic recompiler signed saturation fix (should be je, not jb), fixes it now. Not that it matters here in VGMPlay, since the dynarec is disabled. 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill d8b518b861 Oops, that last commit was terrible, have this instead. 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 50576f6bdd Rewrite AICA ADPCM decoder to be a reverse of the official SDK encoder. Not used yet, since we're only using it for SCSP support so far. 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 71b9e1f9a6 Oops. 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 1d8c61e2eb Replaced SCSP with Neill Corlett's implementation. 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill f548e81507 add warnings for sound cores that aren't endian-safe 4 years ago
  Valley Bell 31269adde6 add SCC+ VGM header bit 4 years ago
  Ian Karlsson 6f998a215a ymf278b: fix pitch on short looping samples 4 years ago
  Valley Bell 5647db80c4 write update log, version bump 4 years ago
  Valley Bell aea6e8adcc add option to enforce silence at the end of VGMs <1.50 4 years ago
  Valley Bell dc4a7ee360 fix memory leak 4 years ago
  Valley Bell c439e6be2e in_vgm: add option to disable caching VGM information 4 years ago
  Valley Bell f55f640990 fixed NES APU options being ignored 4 years ago
  Valley Bell 18dfa0ce8c fix bugs with reading in_vgm.ini 4 years ago
  Valley Bell e969ecb52c fixed typo in OKIM6258 section (caused it to use 'SCSP' name) 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 9420c04adc zlib gzseek error detection 4 years ago
  Valley Bell bb8cc4de75 fix bug with X1-010 PCM loops 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 5e184666d3 fix all warnings found with Clang's -Wall 4 years ago
  Valley Bell edefbe3e69 add C352 flag to disable rear channels 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 139a2ebcd5 c352: compiles with MS VC6, fixes register read/write offset error 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 5e2ca615c3 c352: oops 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 433de32a5b cleaning .h includes from memory.h 4 years ago
  Ian Karlsson 6b80bca6cd c352: tabs to spaces 4 years ago
  Ian Karlsson ac7fc4483f c352: new core 4 years ago
  Ian Karlsson c1beb4444a ymf278b: make looping behave closer to real chip 4 years ago
  Valley Bell 43a38ec2b9 improve DAC streaming to HuC6280 (restore previously 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 6db0e0d26e Update .gitignore. 4 years ago
  libertyernie 5bc51c00ab Add licensing header to vgm2wav 4 years ago
  libertyernie e33bda411b Update Makefile and VS project file for vgm2wav 4 years ago
  libertyernie 71d1f07c36 Remove non-applicable vgm2pcm code from vgm2wav 4 years ago
  libertyernie c66f513e8a Add WAV capability and command-line arguments to 4 years ago
  libertyernie 2580f48e4d Create vgm2wav as a copy of vgm2pcm 4 years ago
  Valley Bell 84535d6a0a lower default SCSP volume, fix MinGW build 4 years ago
  Valley Bell 3861edf784 fix SN76489 PSG muting (now works with PCM playback) 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 3ed321fdc1 Makefile now cleans up after vgm2pcm 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 7b205f3c99 Fix some warnings. 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill f28ab1c449 Added whole-chip muting for okim6258, pwm, and upd7759. Added channel number based enumeration of chip names and muting control. 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 027a194aed Remove unused static variable. 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill cad3d35087 Fix YM2608 initialization. 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 15aff5cb91 C99 is too new for MSVC 2010, we can't have that! 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill b6378cd1e7 Fix for files with invalid chip count flags with no clock rate 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 842ef6f704 Fix a crash with GYM files use of the 2612 chip 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill f866348c61 Fix YMF271 crashing 4 years ago