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  Christopher Snowhill 033662f66f Update project file 2 months ago
  Christopher Snowhill 814849a031 Actually make it compile 5 months ago
  Christopher Snowhill 225ce19348 Switch to MSVC 2019, Clang-CL slows this one down too much 5 months ago
  Christopher Snowhill 379f096092 Switch to Clang-CL and enable SSE2 5 months ago
  Christopher Snowhill 57fb5b80c5 Silence warnings 5 months ago
  Christopher Snowhill a0acab420c Update project files, move generated includes out of source directories 5 months ago
  Christopher Snowhill e2bb18f08e Silence miscellaneous warnings 5 months ago
  Christopher Snowhill 0d486884c8 Fix timestamp parsing from null-terminated strings 5 months ago
  Christopher Snowhill 69181424e4 Fix debug compilation 5 months ago
  Christopher Snowhill ecfd28e848 Implement optional Win32 Unicode filename API for SidDatabase 5 months ago
  Christopher Snowhill dbd3178abc Update MSVC project with dynamic runtime and XP SDK 5 months ago
  Christopher Snowhill 2eed257a5a Add MSVC 2019 project files 5 months ago
  Christopher Snowhill e761dab629 Add xa65 generated files 5 months ago
  Christopher Snowhill e8d729c2cb Add files normally generated by autoconf 5 months ago
  Christopher Snowhill f9f27be6fc Add optional file loader callback 5 months ago
  Christopher Snowhill a95c97af2c Silence some warnings 5 months ago
  drfiemost 6f9528317f * Add options to test both SID and both CIA models. 10 months ago
  drfiemost db2570bf65 Update test list 10 months ago
  drfiemost 507ccc5dce Add SID tests 10 months ago
  drfiemost b13a069d64 Prepare for release 11 months ago
  drfiemost 9913a017af Prepare for release 11 months ago
  drfiemost 779a6bdcc2 Dirty hack by radiant64 to reduce overloading in 8580 filter [bugs:#29] [vice-emu:bugs:#909] 11 months ago
  drfiemost adbe13ecfe Update testlist 11 months ago
  drfiemost 27bddfd018 Minor interrupt timing tweaks 11 months ago
  drfiemost d8f3947adc Fix envelope [bugs:#29] 11 months ago
  drfiemost 4b4e89d95d Fix handling of -b/-t options 11 months ago
  drfiemost 99e24a35c5 Fix loading stereo mus tunes 11 months ago
  drfiemost 2889d8bf7a Switch to VICE testuite and automate tests 1 year ago
  drfiemost b119fd806c Prepare for release 1 year ago
  drfiemost e6d4cb4387 Prepare for release 1 year ago
  drfiemost f5e097bf17 Fix some initialization order warnings 1 year ago
  drfiemost 8f3d5383cd Make digiboost work with resid 1 year ago
  drfiemost e95588497a Bump version 1 year ago
  drfiemost 4421de31fe Bump version 1 year ago
  drfiemost d638e4827c Fix running VICE tests 1 year ago
  drfiemost d9b9c0b2c3 Make MUS loading more robust to malformed files 1 year ago
  drfiemost 7ea6d9e6b6 Do not try to build demo on MinGW 1 year ago
  drfiemost 96678907dc Remove spurious reset call 1 year ago
  drfiemost 9b243ba8d3 Minor interrupt timing fixes 1 year ago
  drfiemost 96be6dbeb2 Use std stream for testsuite output 1 year ago
  drfiemost 57b12f671b Refactor 1 year ago
  drfiemost 0ec0738bfb Mark function inline 1 year ago
  drfiemost 940fc82302 Comments 1 year ago
  drfiemost cee4f50bdd Add missing config var check 1 year ago
  drfiemost 2bed078cf3 Correct indentation 1 year ago
  drfiemost 74d23ec813 Remove empty destructor 1 year ago
  drfiemost 18c9d72a11 Pass correct type 1 year ago
  drfiemost e2531c6a58 Rename some vars 1 year ago
  drfiemost ce4c9c4eec Synch resid w/ upstream 1 year ago
  drfiemost 8a9f1265c0 Add support for new SonglengthDB format 1 year ago