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  Christopher Snowhill 591f2a3b31 Update project file vor 2 Monaten
  Christopher Snowhill 38b1419c70 Added context pointer to file callbacks' fopen function vor 5 Monaten
  Christopher Snowhill 5c8a6befb9 Change Clang-CL to MSVC v140 vor 5 Monaten
  Christopher Snowhill 4fd3705d7e Enable SSE2 vor 5 Monaten
  Christopher Snowhill 028b2ad7e5 Migration to Clang-CL vor 5 Monaten
  Christopher Snowhill 17b068586e Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/kode54/psflib vor 1 Jahr
  Christopher Snowhill 6cb3515d9f
Merge pull request #6 from Nisto/patch-1 vor 1 Jahr
  Nisto 1cd5ed119d
Fix whitespace trim on tag values vor 1 Jahr
  Christopher Snowhill 93d399a87d Switch to dynamic runtime. vor 1 Jahr
  Christopher Snowhill 148de3c2d6 Fix indenting behavior vor 1 Jahr
  Christopher Snowhill 07f1981c1d Merge branch 'master' of https://bitbucket.org/losnoco/psflib vor 1 Jahr
  Christopher Snowhill d89b95b30f Added error message reporting facility vor 1 Jahr
  Christopher Snowhill 936a2bdfca Merge branch 'master' of github.com:kode54/psflib vor 2 Jahren
  Christopher Snowhill 927543d107 Updated to v141_xp platform toolkit. vor 2 Jahren
  Christopher Snowhill 7da887b3a4 Added Release2015 target to project. vor 3 Jahren
  derselbst f139d4b7b5 expand comments for callback functions vor 4 Jahren
  Christopher Snowhill 9a6b6895bc Switch back to MSVC 2010 vor 4 Jahren
  Christopher Snowhill 4f31d9532d Updated for Visual Studio 2015 vor 5 Jahren
  Christopher Snowhill 4d957c21bf Added MIT license vor 5 Jahren
  Christopher Snowhill aae9bd28ed Correctly handle errors from file info callback vor 5 Jahren
  Christopher Snowhill 7cbf548299 Revert to MSVC 2013 vor 5 Jahren
  Christopher Snowhill 57c5213659 Updated project file to MSVC 2015 vor 5 Jahren
  Christopher Snowhill 764792b7e2 Update psflib.c vor 5 Jahren
  Christopher Snowhill 44be934125 Updated project for MSVC 2013 vor 6 Jahren
  Christopher Snowhill bac81f3c7e Added option to enumerate nested libraries' tags to the caller, needed for some formats' special parameter tags on playback only vor 6 Jahren
  Christopher Snowhill 955350d56a Added simple Makefile vor 6 Jahren
  Christopher Snowhill fed6dbf8ba Removed unnecessary function vor 6 Jahren
  Christopher Snowhill a89c6ed2cb Replaced tabs with spaces vor 6 Jahren
  Christopher Snowhill 8211cfff5f Corrected warnings vor 6 Jahren
  Christopher Snowhill 8409e33f3e Changed decompression buffer growth strategy to hopefully cope better with really large exe blocks vor 6 Jahren
  Christopher Snowhill 90be6bc3ab Cleaned up warnings vor 6 Jahren
  Christopher Snowhill 0d13c7ddcf Disabled MSVC 2012 default of SSE2 vor 7 Jahren
  Christopher Snowhill a8234754b6 Added MSVC 2012 v110_xp platform vor 7 Jahren
  Christopher Snowhill 5a708392f0 Fixed handling of PSF files with empty EXE section vor 7 Jahren
  Christopher Snowhill ca97b510b8 Added object files to gitignore vor 7 Jahren
  Christopher Snowhill dace425496 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:kode54/psflib vor 7 Jahren
  Christopher Snowhill 6e3b75cd0e Fix for weird strdup linking issue vor 7 Jahren
  Christopher Snowhill d0bd046a2f Adjusted initial guessed decompressed size to 3 times the size of the compressed data vor 7 Jahren
  Christopher Snowhill 6b72a1682e Merge latest vor 7 Jahren
  Christopher Snowhill bf29eb8a8f Changed decompression code to check for errors, start with a 1MB buffer, and increase its size in 1MB increments until the data can successfully be decompressed vor 7 Jahren
  Christopher Snowhill f689b0207a Always close file handles before returning vor 7 Jahren
  Christopher Snowhill 3cafcddc66 Added MSVC 2010 project files, minor fixes for MSVC, and reduced recursion limit vor 7 Jahren
  Christopher Snowhill a0de859e99 Implemented C version of psf2fs vor 7 Jahren
  Christopher Snowhill 8b2fea61d0 Initial commit vor 7 Jahren