1996 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Christopher Snowhill 4a4ae2d5ef Update project file 1 month ago
  Christopher Snowhill 69c57d4026 Last try: v140 SDK 4 months ago
  Christopher Snowhill 2ed3ca18ec Begin the migration to Clang-CL 4 months ago
  Christopher Snowhill 8401a090ab Switch to dynamic runtime 1 year ago
  Christopher Snowhill 3bf1dbad95 Add missing file to MSVC project. 1 year ago
  Christopher Snowhill 29edd64151 Fix super bugs. 1 year ago
  Christopher Snowhill 64c1bc6c55 Update .gitignore. 1 year ago
  Christopher Snowhill 0b07170a6c Merge upstream. 1 year ago
  Christopher Snowhill f8ed998581 Updated to v141_xp platform toolkit. 2 years ago
  sergm aa2a2f25d6 In mt32emu-qt, added mode "Hide to tray on close" 2 years ago
  sergm 939cc986d9 Bumped munt package version 2.3.0 2 years ago
  sergm bd060ad9be Updated FreeBSD ports 2 years ago
  sergm 7bad17232e Bumped mt32emu-qt version 1.7.1 2 years ago
  sergm f6b202dea0 In mt32emu-qt, fixed partial state LED widgets 2 years ago
  sergm 42a2186d39 In mt32emu-qt, improved layout of partial state LEDs 2 years ago
  sergm 4bf3d0b5d7 Bumped mt32emu_qt version 1.7.0 2 years ago
  sergm aa7a9eb81f Updated docs 2 years ago
  sergm b1a059c127 Bumped mt32emu_win32drv version 1.5.0 2 years ago
  sergm 4d2d2040f1 In mt32emu_win32drv, added support for new synth profile option "Max Partials" 2 years ago
  sergm 83c30266ff In mt32emu-qt, added new option "Max Partials" in synth configuration 2 years ago
  sergm 9eff7ce8d4 Bumped mt32emu_smf2wav version 1.5.0 2 years ago
  sergm cbf3a29785 In mt32smf2wav, added new option "max-partials" 2 years ago
  sergm 3b33e86da5 In mt32emu-qt, added support for libmt32emu builds without resampler functionality 2 years ago
  sergm 530d7de8a8 Bumped libmt32emu version 2.3.0 2 years ago
  sergm f3830d6c82 In mt32emu, made fall-through comments compatible with GCC 7+ 2 years ago
  sergm 948b32aecd Fixed a warning in method SampleRateConverter::getSupportedOutputSampleRate() 2 years ago
  sergm 223f0345ca Build: For mt32emu, changed semantic of the build option libmt32emu_WITH_INTERNAL_RESAMPLER 2 years ago
  sergm 9e1d245181 Build: the resampler code build into mt32emu no longer requires adding its include directory to the include search path 2 years ago
  sergm 6438493d90 Unset irrelevant executable bit 2 years ago
  sergm d096d9a44a Reimplemented Windows MIDI driver setup tool for x64 platform 2 years ago
  sergm 3a391ddf84 Fixed build of mt32emu_smf2wav on POSIX systems 2 years ago
  sergm 7adadae40a In mt32emu_win32drv, improved error handling, 2 years ago
  sergm 8482b4f415 Updated NEWS.txt files 2 years ago
  sergm eec5a69f89 In mt32emu-qt, Win32MidiInProcessor now creates the message window properly 2 years ago
  sergm 87e04c74bf Fixed a warning in Synth: 2 years ago
  sergm 466d284cf2 Fixed old thinko about MIDI channel mapping 2 years ago
  sergm 4d989d8279 Reimplemented the protocol of communication between mt32emu-qt and 16-bit Windows 9x MIDI driver 2 years ago
  sergm 0d718aad8b In Windows MIDI driver setup tool, implemented "repair" command 2 years ago
  sergm 3078ff35fc Extended protocol of communication between mt32emu-qt and Windows MIDI driver 2 years ago
  sergm ff096570c0 In mt32emu_qt, ensured that the Win32 MIDI driver never sends 0 2 years ago
  sergm f4eb055d93 Code cleanup in the recent changes 2 years ago
  sergm 915a5d2692 Fixed implementation of MODM_GETDEVCAPS message in mt32emu_win32drv 2 years ago
  sergm f165fa3a54 Fixed a couple of warnings in mt32emu_win32drv 2 years ago
  sergm 5feb26a49d Added full support for Qt 4.5.3 in MasterClock 2 years ago
  sergm a5de52803b Fixed build of mt32emu-qt for Windows 9x target when WITH_WINCONSOLE is enabled 2 years ago
  sergm 10b9cb22e9 Actually made buildable mt32emu-qt with Qt 4.5.3 2 years ago
  sergm 00f15bea84 Fixed a warning about signed/unsigned mismatch in Partial 2 years ago
  sergm 50c0124dc4 A few changes to make mt32emu-qt compatible with Windows 9x 2 years ago
  sergm 79f4fe4b18 Improved timing accuracy in mt32emu-qt 2 years ago
  sergm c95d4fd983 Ensured mt32emu-smf2wav to work correctly with localised pathnames 2 years ago