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  Christopher Snowhill a1493d7f20 Update project file 1 month ago
  Christopher Snowhill 1223e09be6 Update helpers with missing function from Cog code base 2 months ago
  Christopher Snowhill 13dbca7f63 Last try: v140 SDK 4 months ago
  Christopher Snowhill 4f2984e64b Enable SSE2 4 months ago
  Christopher Snowhill fa83f9cd9a Begin the migration to Clang-CL 4 months ago
  Christopher Snowhill fb445e6f4d Updated Touhou loop scanner to be more flexible 6 months ago
  Christopher Snowhill fbca8c6a53 Implemented support to scan for Touhou loops 7 months ago
  Christopher Snowhill 72f0936595 Detect another invalid MIDI file condition - zero division ticks, which will result in timestamp calculations causing a division by zero exception 10 months ago
  Christopher Snowhill a1236eb266 Merge branch 'master' of https://bitbucket.org/losnoco/midi_processing 1 year ago
  Christopher Snowhill c8e6aa05da Safety precaution 1 year ago
  Christopher Snowhill a60adbf65b Update .gitignore 1 year ago
  Christopher Snowhill b264709ed2 Switch to dynamic runtime 1 year ago
  Christopher Snowhill 025202e10c Add optional callback to track splitter for emitting program names 1 year ago
  Christopher Snowhill 7f28852b9f Merge branch 'master' into 'master' 2 years ago
  Vitaly Novichkov 21a04c7cb2 Little organize of riff_midi module 2 years ago
  Vitaly Novichkov ca8f7c7302 Convert all tabs into spaces 2 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill f5f69af798 Updated to v141_xp platform toolkit. 2 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 5080c5cbb3 Fix SysEx adding a random extra byte when it shouldn't, which broke synthesizers that observed the length, like Windows drivers, or VST instruments. 2 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 85c07a70f6 Oops, fixed SysEx continuation. 2 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill e7b551c792 Add support for SysEx continuation messages. 2 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 496b3e5fdb Add track counting functions to applicable formats. 2 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 73f23037fe Fix EMIDI loops by implementing Global Loop Start/End support. 3 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 21fcb483c1 Added Release2015 target to project. 3 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill b130a16610 Revert to MSVC 2010. 3 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 58bf4de9df And back to 2015 again. 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 956cfdf553 Promoted to MSVC 2015 again 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 7391052f01 Fixed track splitter cases where memory reallocation of the m_tracks member would cause the source_track reference to become invalid, by instead copying the entire track to a temporary variable while it is operated on, which frees us up to delete it from the tracks list immediately. 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 02612369b1 Fixed tempo map trimming out of range 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill d9d7d799ab Added another processing trick, this time helpful for Logic Pro X 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 887ca8783d Added start of song trimming facility, so files may be played from the first note immediately 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 702845f95e Switch back to MSVC 2010 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 114f640485 Updated for Visual Studio 2015 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill f6de761dd7 Fixed RPG Maker loop handling 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill aa4f418b67 Relaxed XMI IFF processing a bit 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill fc3ff6f24e Loop scanner now checks if loop start is equal to the end of the track 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 4857bb17aa Now handles sequencer specific commands in standard MIDI files, and supports them in the stream as well as on export 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 90d8e7e990 Revert to MSVC 2013 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill f91da378e4 Fixed all errors and warnings with MSVC 2015 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill a32a6604be Made LDS loader slightly more robust 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 27e13a3939 Updated project for MSVC 2013 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 289e2b3f58 - Implemented bitmap support for RIFF MIDI 6 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 232941c127 Added another safety check, and fixed range checking on System Exclusive messages 6 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 9c94ce22c6 Added a multitude of safety checks 6 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill ec9c3c173c Promoted several types to long, and added loop start and end index reporting to the stream serializer 6 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 9410662909 Merge commit '620f5cf' 6 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 620f5cf9b7 Added hack fix processor 6 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 7d801c0132 Added two checks for empty data sets which would result in bounds check exceptions 6 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill c0473343a5 Fixed access case when p_count is 0 and m_ext_data is empty 6 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 1ef177f425 Added MSVC 2012 project files 7 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 85598cdbc8 Added .gitignore 7 years ago