991 Commits (master)

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  Christopher Snowhill 79aef7d9cb Fix powidf2 import issue with Clang/llvm for Windows 5 months ago
  Wohlstand bdb7f81da3
Added MUS2MID conversion tool 6 months ago
  Wohlstand 1ef47f7db7
Update copyright year 6 months ago
  Wohlstand 2b4fd9972f
Create update-copyright.sh 6 months ago
  Jean Pierre Cimalando 3bd5a50bff Travis update to pass lint validation 6 months ago
  Jean Pierre Cimalando 75f2f1b767 Fix a failure with the Create bank access flag 7 months ago
  Wohlstand e8b4b2c923
MidiSequencer: apply recent typo fixes and a clean-up 7 months ago
  Wohlstand ea7aa0efe8
pyaudio example: remove unneeded print of bool 7 months ago
  Wohlstand 54fd20b643
pyaudio example: fixed loading of an external bank 7 months ago
  Wohlstand 473d2ed6d9
Added python-pyaudio example 7 months ago
  Wohlstand 9a32beb931
CMake: Added docks installing 8 months ago
  Wohlstand 3fe58d6494
CMake: Don't give "-static" suffix on non-Windows platforms 8 months ago
  Wohlstand a614a0ff21
CMake: Allow overriding of output paths 8 months ago
  Wohlstand 1c18f0320d
CMake: Added SO version 8 months ago
  Wohlstand c5e9ca56d4
MidiSequencer: Added PCM streaming code 8 months ago
  Wohlstand 84af1cde8d
MidiSequencer: Fixed possible UTF16 string length checking problems 8 months ago
  Wohlstand d21b270845
Sequencer: Allow playing IMF files of Type 0 8 months ago
  Wohlstand e721728ef1
Fixed build for MSVC2013 10 months ago
  Wohlstand 6896738560
Update MIDI Sequencer with latest copy from libOPNMIDI 10 months ago
  Wohlstand 18c6c50bfb
MidiPlay: Fixed warnings and some Windows builds 10 months ago
  Wohlstand 4f121a22cc
AppVeyor: Build MidiPlay by default 10 months ago
  Wohlstand b4fa07a2d1
TravisCI: Temporary don't build MidiPlay on macOS 10 months ago
  Wohlstand 7ff1f8b952
MidiPlay: Move Audio Output into separate module 10 months ago
  Wohlstand 22248f90dd
Don't call "-no-pie" when it's unavailable 10 months ago
  Wohlstand 8749ddc3da
Set "-no-pie" to all executables built by GCC 10 months ago
  Vitaly Novichkov 62a018a133
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Wohlstand/libADLMIDI 10 months ago
  Vitaly Novichkov 795195d9fe
Don't generate "libADLMIDI.a"/"ADLMIDI.lib" twise 10 months ago
  Wohlstand 241cf3838d
Bank-70: Rename "lee" into "Rise of the Triad" 10 months ago
  Wohlstand 0117dc8cc3
Another fix of Apogee-IMF90 1 year ago
  Wohlstand fa482c88dc
Update Apogee-IMF90 bank 1 year ago
  Vitaly Novichkov b4e56f8247
Merge pull request #224 from jpcima/multi-thread 1 year ago
  Vitaly Novichkov 84bd1e141a
Changed macOS image for Travis-CI 1 year ago
  JP Cimalando 35c7fd9d83 dosbox: thread-safe global initialization 1 year ago
  Vitaly Novichkov b56ef6bb0e
Add Emscripten as tested platform 1 year ago
  Vitaly Novichkov bd37378215
Merge pull request #221 from mmontag/patch-1 1 year ago
  Matt Montag a1a735b678
Update emulators enabled check 1 year ago
  Vitaly Novichkov ee47eea881 Replace ymf262.pdf with a legal equivalent 1 year ago
  Vitaly Novichkov e62c5354bd Added sample rate tip for adl_init() call documentation 1 year ago
  Vitaly Novichkov 25984d3be3 Added "ADL_CHIP_SAMPLE_RATE" macro 1 year ago
  Vitaly Novichkov c19bf11f4b
Merge pull request #215 from jpcima/work 1 year ago
  JP Cimalando ebc2b4a2a6 fix uninitialized chip variables 1 year ago
  Vitaly Novichkov 9b63225a5e
Merge pull request #214 from jpcima/bugfix 1 year ago
  JP Cimalando 45591c113d java: initialize phase (CID 1477241) 1 year ago
  JP Cimalando c70b39065b java: fix unreachable code false-positive (CID 1477236) 1 year ago
  JP Cimalando 555840133a java: initialize cha and chb (CID 1477237) 1 year ago
  JP Cimalando ef18a46945 opal: initialize tremolo level (CID 1477242) 1 year ago
  Wohlstand e86fd03b39 CMake: Added Opal and JavaOPL flags into summary 1 year ago
  Vitaly Novichkov d69efd146f
Merge pull request #213 from jpcima/opal 1 year ago
  JP Cimalando 24074a037f opal: fix envelope delay between stage transitions 1 year ago
  Vitaly Novichkov 77986b95e0
Merge pull request #211 from jpcima/opal 1 year ago