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  Christopher Snowhill d3fae5dc06 Update .gitignore 5 months ago
  Christopher Snowhill 6059898f3a Switched to dynamic runtime 1 year ago
  Christopher Snowhill a4b891f73a Add .gitignore 1 year ago
  Christopher Snowhill af7dd42a34 Fix stdbool import 1 year ago
  Christopher Snowhill 50af0d040b Merge branch 'master' of https://bitbucket.org/losnoco/lazyusf2 1 year ago
  Christopher Snowhill 66215971ba Update to latest psflib 1 year ago
  Christopher Snowhill 7a95e97c62 Merge branch 'master' of https://gitlab.kode54.net/kode54/lazyusf2 2 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 0cd5d2cdeb Fix sample count handler when skipping with the resampling function. 2 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 95d71f6e74 Update to v141_xp platform toolset. Change our stdbool.h so MSVC can include it, but only if MSVC is older than 2015. 2 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill f41c1cb213 Remove C99-ism for MSVC 2010. 2 years ago
  Josh W ef125bcc90 Changed method of scheduling the next VI interrupt as offset from current 2 years ago
  Josh W 146f141e1f Fixed the VI interrupt timing, where impoper timing between the VI and the 2 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 146711cd05 Fix RDRAM tracker, address is already divided by rdram_dram_address. 2 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 68d8973bb7 Fix PJ64 save state loading floating point registers in 32 bit mode. 2 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 2a28c43303 Merge branch 'master' into 'master' 3 years ago
  derselbst 18f1de41b1 Merge branch 'master' of https://gitlab.kode54.net/kode54/lazyusf2 3 years ago
  derselbst add9974613 sync HLE with upstream 3 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 26a7d7ba34 Merge branch 'master' into 'master' 3 years ago
  derselbst f691599979 have a more flexible Makefile 3 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill c8d6b93c73 Add Release2015 target to project, and make way for 2010. 3 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill b99da6f1c6 And back to 2015 again. 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill f0992a82dc Switch back to MSVC 2010 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill ab6a646b88 Display total lag time in benchmark tool, for spotting execution delays in possibly bad rips 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 472dfad2e8 Added further debug logging mechanisms, and the ability to turn logging on and off 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 3a10429e55 Implement a little bit of default symbol decoration 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 7bd51c9f3b Updated for Visual Studio 2015 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 679f709a8c Obliterated CPU lockup checkpoint code, since it triggers in odd circumstances when nothing is going wrong 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 0b183dda4c Changed compiler settings, and hopefully fixed the 32 bit build triggering false alarms on Animal Crossing / Animal Forest 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill e2affb531b Fixed save state handling of ROM header, for region control 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 89ffce4d97 Changed trimming mode to use pure interpreter, and changed memory accounting to watch the memory polled by the interpreter 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 14818355da Update bit array code with proper use of const pointers 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 79ee33efe1 Update DMA transfer functions to update coverage tables, and disable HLE audio when performing coverage analysis 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill f295ee78df Update VSAW opcode in case it needs to be compiled 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill ffb4608e5b Another concession to inaccuracy for USF sets, disabling TLB writes from triggering TLB Miss exceptions by default; Fixes Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, and possibly others. 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill ce1024da8f Fixed GCC/Clang x86 32 bit compilation 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill d23fc26bc0 Fixed RAM coverage checking for PI DMA transfers 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 108a8296e6 And make it compile properly with MSVC 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 105dbe9948 Added a simple tool for testing the resampler 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill f905042546 Replaced sinc resampler with a cubic resampler based on the same table as the HLE audio, which is derived from common RSP microcode 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 776d6b982f Enable all interrupt delays when trimming, so we keep any code paths that handle delays 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill fb5476495d Updated MSVC projects with new source file 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill c2b47092f2 Added new source file to Makefile 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 462e087ddc Only track 'write first' to RDRAM if it completely blanks out a word 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 0b7c08e2c6 Implemented helper functions for trimming USF sets 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 10023cf5ce Fixed enablefifofull support, which fixes Excitebike 64 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill e42fee8a0b Updated Makefile, and introduced a simple decode-to-length benchmark/test tool, requires my psflib library 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 88f0f0212d Disable link time code generation 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 8755b58d97 Fixed usf_restart 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 4c7ecaf896 Minor changes 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill b3fc6f2dd9 Some minor changes 5 years ago