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  Christopher Snowhill e523608a68 Updated project files 1 month ago
  Christopher Snowhill 78661eb42d Update project files 4 months ago
  Christopher Snowhill c34e7e6307 Fix seeking with raw DTS files 1 year ago
  Christopher Snowhill 0e0875036b Switch to dynamic runtime 1 year ago
  Christopher Snowhill 9b957e62f9 Fixed decode postprocessor. Version is now 0.6.7. 1 year ago
  Christopher Snowhill b710bfeb15 Updated FFmpeg 1 year ago
  Christopher Snowhill 927817e318 Fixed decode postprocessor to handle invalid packets as invalid stream instead of throwing an exception 1 year ago
  Christopher Snowhill 6f50b4dfa4 - Added extra format information discovery 1 year ago
  Christopher Snowhill 71a5172031 - Fixed the decode postprocessor 1 year ago
  Christopher Snowhill f2fb453036 Fixed packet decoder 1 year ago
  Christopher Snowhill d432542248 Switched over to using FFmpeg 1 year ago
  Christopher Snowhill 40e8cb85a3 Fixed packet decoder analyze support detection... 1 year ago
  Christopher Snowhill 393af80424 Updated to version 1.4 SDK. Version is now 0.5.4. 2 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill a17fdd6867 Add link to about string 3 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill ccc9dcf691 And back to 2015 again. 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill a78eec14eb Updated credits info. 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 8fd5a2f89e Bumped version string, like I should have. 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 847872ec8c Added support for DTS header specifying delay. 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 105afdf200 Added .dtshd and .dtsma file name extensions. 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 2cb8f87037 Fix several glaring faults in my conversion of the dca stream parser. 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill a917c7fbfa Fix frame size calculation when dealing with 14 bit streams with odd frame sizes. 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 200d7c548a Normalized line endings and fixed a buffer underrun issue in the decode postprocessor. 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 8130644a2b Merge experimental branch. 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 0ddbb30a22 Update for latest dcadec version 0.2. 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 71df7fc963 Switch back to MSVC 2010 4 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 00f86e93c6 Updated for Visual Studio 2015 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 3386bf5b24 Updated to version 0.4.5 - Fixed a potential crash with the decode postprocessor 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill aa2142b9f9 Updated to version 0.4.4 - Fixed decode postprocessor handling packets split across audio chunks by retaining several state variables 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 3ac9cbcd57 Remove unnecessary loop from codec profile info reporting 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 90533d0f8c Updated to version 0.4.3, with more consistent DTS branding info 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 518057b37d Remove now unnecessary codec setting functions 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 2efd33a6e7 Moved "codec" info tag into common profile info function 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 5e813ff31e Merged in mstevens83/foo_input_dts/patch-branding (pull request #2) 5 years ago
  Matthias Stevens b8ca28aef0 Slight changes in codec & codec_profile strings to more closely match DTS branding: 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 011366e39f Fixed popcnt usage for older processors, and fixed a crash with unknown DTS profiles 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill d96c82932b Updated version string 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill bf17f68ac9 Updated to version 0.4.1, adding 14 bit packet support to the packet decoder 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 53822d23b9 Final touches on version 0.4.0 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 80ab8f94c2 Updated to version 0.4.0, now with working libdcadec support 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 2105825b0c Not fully working libdcadec support, stashed until I can get someone to look at it 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 0d1ea9db5e Revert to MSVC 2013 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill daa6f80b9e Updated project file to MSVC 2015 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 95464e6b3f Updated project for MSVC 2013 5 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill dc91eca5c9 Version is now 0.3.3 6 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 4107c6aa98 Merged in marklam/foo_input_dts (pull request #1) 6 years ago
  Mark Lambert 73095f1d4b Decode DCA(DTA) in mp4 streams 6 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill ed8fc3519a Removed stale files 6 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 291b16f0cd Fixed channel mode reporting in the event that dts_flags has an invalid channel number field 6 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 19b61c4718 Disabled MSVC 2012 default of SSE2 7 years ago
  Christopher Snowhill 0e9a044d0c Updates across the board 7 years ago